MetaMask® Loğin* - MetaMask - Blockchaiñ Wallet

MetaMask Loğin accepts payments in over 50 different currencies, including fiat and bitcoin. For additional information, go to MetaMask's website. Setting up an account with MetaMask takes only a few minutes. They keep track of your full legal name, birth date, and phone number. You are not required to show identity until you are ready to with draw your funds, but you may do so at any time. For further information, go to their assistance page.


Individuals can become members of MetaMask by downloading their app or going to their website. On their website, you must register as a business. See MetaMask help document for further information on business accounts.

  1.       Go to and download the MetaMask app.
  2.       Click the Sign Up button.
  3.       Accept MetaMask's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by completing all fields. Choose your account type if you're on the website (individual or business).
  4.       Go to the following screen.
  5.       Complete all fields, double-check your data, and then move on to the next screen.
  6.       Check your email to double-check your email address.
  7.       The app and website will reload after confirmation.
  8.       Proceed to the next step after selecting Fund my account.

Set up your Inter ledger account to receive payments

  •       App - If you're still in the Sign Up flow, tap Fund my account. If you're on the Portfolio panel, tap Transact in the toolbar.
  •       Website - Select Transact from the toolbar.
  •       From the drop-down menu, choose From.
  •       At the bottom of the list, you'll find Inter ledger.
  •       Tap I accept to continue.
  •       If you don't want your profits paid out in the default currency, go to the To menu (in this case, USD).
  •       Select the currency to which your profits should be converted. On the QR code screen, the selected currency and a newly created payment pointer are displayed.

View activity

Incoming payment streams are displayed in real time in the Activity section of the app and on the website. Tap any activity that displays on the screen for further details.

Claim funds

Before you may withdraw your funds, you must first claim them. You can manually claim money worth more than $0.02 USD. If the following requirements are met, MetaMask Loğin will claim your available cash on your behalf if you do not claim it yourself.

  •       Every24 hours, accrued funds from $0.02 to $0.99 USD are immediately claimed.
  •       Every hour, any accumulated funds of $1.00 USD or more are automatically claimed.
  •       It's possible that you've got a payment but can't claim it because:
  •       You won't be able to claim it if your balance is less than $0.02 USD.
  •       Your balance is at least $0.02 USD, however MetaMask hasn't received the payment in time.
  •       Once you've received the minimum amount required to lodge a claim, the Claim Funds button will appear.

Make a withdrawal

The steps for making awithdrawal vary depending on whether you want the funds sent to a bank accountor deposited into a crypto network. See MetaMask Loğin docs for more information:

●      Make a deposit into your bank account.

●      Make a cryptocurrency withdrawal